Friday, January 25, 2008


On the Anniversary of Roe v Wade, we arrived in Swanton, Ohio. The pastor Fr. Zak met us at the church and explained the schedule to us, one that included dinner. This dinner was no ordinary dinner. We had salad, tea, walleye (my first time!), and, what is truly amazing, three desserts with all calories removed. Father assured both of us that we would receive no harm from this spread of dulcet delights since he had specifically asked the place to remove all calories for us. Quite a special treat that!
But on to the show! It was preceded by a prolife prayer service, complete with a procession with the nationally touring Our Lady of Charity picture, hymns, intercessory prayers, bible readings and an amazing homily. Our show followed immediately. We received a standing ovation, our first of the year! It is always humbling to think that we are serving God and His mission to save souls. It is easy to become glib about what we do.... ok, another show... now move on to another church... But we cannot forget what our purpose is, and how God uses us to work out the salvation of His flock. The reactions to our show tonight really brought this home to me. Two little girls were so excited to talk with us, tell us stories about their friends, and how they helped make the brownies being served in the parish hall right then. They are the reason we are fighting, for the joy of life in their faces. Another woman had brought a group of teenagers with her. She said she was set on fire by the events of the night, both the show and the service. She wanted to take the prolife mission seriously now, actively and not passively. Then came a woman with tears in her eyes. "I am 'Sarah'," she said, "I am that woman with a secret. I had an abortion many years ago and what you were portraying is real. Not a day goes by when I don't regret the abortion. The memory of the abortion causes me more pain than the memory of the rape." This gave me pause. What we are doing is real. We are not playing on people's emotions with concocted dramas. We are trying to save the lives not only of thousands of babies but also thousands of mothers who are led by the prochoice argument to believe that they have no choice. Well, you do. You have the choice to give life to your baby. The choice to be loved unconditionally by your baby. The choice to love her with all your might. You can choose life by sparing yourself the trauma of an abortion and its aftermath.
Pray for all the woman who are alone and frightened and hurt by an unwanted pregnancy, that they may be given the love and support they need to free themselves from the bonds that seem to imprison them. Pray for the women who have had an abortion and who are suffering with the consequences of their action, who are tormented by the memory of what could have been, by the memory of what they have done. Pray that we all are filled with love for God, for others, and for ourselves.

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