Monday, January 14, 2008

Ignatius Meeting

Come Holy Spirit!

Well, we finally made it to San Francisco! Everyone a little wet, but safe. ;-D We arrived at Ignatius Press in the early afternoon, and met the Ignatius Family for lunch. After a quick bite to eat, we turned a small section of the lunch room into a stage and Rachel and Sarah came to life. That's another favorite part of mine: taking a normal everyday space and turning it into a different world, giving it a new life by bringing characters and stories to life between its walls. It always amazes me how quickly a space can change. It's like reading a book - just by opening its pages your mind can travel anywhere and learn about people from all over the world, hear their conversations, see what they see, and learn life lessons. That's the beauty of a story, I guess. Even though it's told from your tiny living room.

It was awesome to finally meet our sponsors and the people who make our life as traveling actresses possible. They are the ones responsible for any good that comes of our work - in a sense, they are the ones who gave us our hands and our feet to carry Christ to the world. We thank God for them. Check them out whenever you have time. They are a top seller of Catholic books and videos... After an afternoon of shows, we took a tour of Ignatius Press (amazing!), visited the surrounding churches (beautiful!), and drove through San Francisco. There's something really incredible about the Golden Gate Bridge. I loved it all! Now we spend some time in San Francisco, braving the rain storms and small floods, with a few more shows later this week...

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