Thursday, January 31, 2008


Come Holy Spirit!

God's Mercy is so much greater than our sins...

Steubenville had one of the best crowds we've ever performed for. They were great. It was neat to finally be able to see the campus and meet some people from there. They were so awesome. Walking down the sidewalk, you hear people passing you saying the Rosary, kneeling before the chapel, and lots of people in Adoration. This was a time to focus on God's Mercy, because healing and forgiveness is such a necessary part of the pro-life position. Have you ever heard of St. Maria Faustina - a Polish Nun who lived in the 20th century who had apparitions and visions of Christ and His Holy Mother? She saw angels and demons and teh Baby Jesus. She actually talked to Christ many times, and He spoke to her about His Divine Mercy. It is a message for our times, for sure. One of my favorite quotes from her diary (and I've got many many favorites) is this: Christ told Sister (now Saint) Faustina, "My Mercy is so much greater than your sins." He is just waiting for us to turn to Him. He desires to give us His Mercy, but we must ask for it, and be willing to accept it! It says over and over how so many people turn away from God, because they don't accept His Mercy and Forgiveness. You've got to check it out. It is so amazing. There is so much to say and understand about this message! God is so good to us! Check out this website:

God loves us so much. All He asks is our love in return.

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