Monday, January 14, 2008

"Mustangs" or "How You Know God is Good"

The disparate nature of the two titles of this post may give you some cause for legitimate befuddlement. But before you check with your doctor, check the rest of this post.
Here is the logic of the situation.
God is awesome.
Mustangs are awesome.
God is a Mustang.
No wait, that wasn't where I meant to go with that...
Mustangs are good.
God is good.
Mustangs are God.
No, no... (did anyone say heresy? Blasphemy, even? I hope not.)
Ok, so I maybe I didn't do so well in that logic course. Well, maybe I never took a logic course.
In any case, my point is that God loves us. He asks us to be faithful to Him and serve Him, but even more to love Him. And He delights in loving us too. He loves to please us, to give us gifts. His love is so great and overflowing that He cannot restrain Himself from giving to us. Thats why He created us in the beginning: He loved us before we even were, and so gave us Life and Light. The Bible stresses the Fatherhood and Brotherhood of God, and our role as little children. We are meant to trust Him, rely on Him for protection and surety. We pray for our daily bread in the prayer He taught us. But even more than what we have to do, more than our duty, is what we do out of love for Him and others. Thats why the greatest commandment is not "Serve God and Your Neighbor" but "'You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind." (Mtt 22:37-40). If we truly love God and know His Love for us, what we do, our actions, will be full of love and so in accordance with all the Shalt nots of our faith without even trying to be. We don't need to worry about how we have to go to church on Sunday if we want to go there to be with the God we love and who loves us for who we are.
Just like a loving father, God wants to show us His love in major ways and in difficult situations, but also in little tiny ways, the little ways that brighten our day because they are so unexpected.
Case in point: this past week we went to the rental car company late at night. Turns out the place was closed. Would we be stuck at the airport? NO, there is a little rental place still open. The cheapest car they had? Well, there was a choice between a plain four-door blue car, a plain four-door black car, or a neon yellow brand-new snazzy Ford Mustang. Now, this is not intended to be a plug for the Ford company. I am not getting a commission fee or anything, but that car was so yellow it hurt my eyes to look at it. I had no idea whether or not the multitude of baggage alluded to many times before on this blog would fit into this car, but after much discussion, we decided it would have too. We spent the rest of the trip in an amazing car. God gave us a little gift right there. Like a child, I was so happy with this pretty plaything that my mind and heart were lifted to praise God.
God does have a sense of humor, and I hope He laughed to see my childish delight in that car.
Oh, we got to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and to Napa Valley in that car. It was pouring rain, very foggy, and windy, but our neon yellow car blazed right through it all no problem. We had a morning performance at Holy Trinity School in Napa. Originally, it was just for the highschoolers, but the headmaster decided to open it up to 5, 6, 7, and 8th graders as well. The kids helped us convert their chapel into a stage, and then back again afterwards. And carry our props out to the CAR.
God is good.

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