Friday, January 25, 2008


Wow. Today was intense. We were up early, arrived at the high school by 715, and had our first show in the gym at 755. The school has 48 minute sessions, separated by 3 minute intervals. Translation: you have 51 minutes to perform an entire show, clear the stage, reset the stage, fix the dressing room and reorganize the props and costumes. In theory, not too bad. In practice, it meant saying the last word of the show, hearing the bell ring, changing, and then saying the first line of the next show. In the few moments backstage in between stage appearances, if you had your next costume on extra quickly, then you organize the dressing room. If you wanted to reset the bed, you had to do it during the show. We had a twenty minute lunch break and back to performances. We did seven in all. By the end, I started forgetting what scene came next. We just did that scene right, so that means it can't be happening again right now. Thankfully, I only started to put on the wrong costume once, and then remembered where we were. The good thing was that over 400 high school kids were able to see our show. The bad thing was that we weren't able to interact with them at all. It was a day to remember, a success overall, but very tiring!

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