Monday, January 14, 2008

Getting Ready for the Walk For Life!

Come Holy Spirit!

We recently saw the movie, The Great Debaters. It was a phenomenal movie. I loved it. It was moving, passionate, motivating, eye-opening, thought provoking - hmm. It was very good. There were many good lines and lots of great moments, but one in particular got me thinking. There was an argument between two of the student debaters. The younger one was losing hope - that the fight they were fighting and the life they were living would never get better, because they hadn't had the chance to speak and debate with anyone who opposed them. His line went something like "all we ever do is talk and argue with groups of people who think just like us..." In other words, there was really no room for changing hearts or minds, because they didn't really disagree with each other.

Well, that same thought has crossed my mind over and over as we travel across the US performing Catholic and pro-life themed shows for a bunch of Catholic and pro-life people. Sometimes we find those 'riding the fence' and by showing them the truth we leave a room of pro-lifers behind us. But, why don't we get out there and face pro-choice groups, call them out to talk, debate, or discuss, and try to convert them?

The truth is, if such believers would want a show or desire to engage in such a presentation, we would love it. We would be there in a heartbeat. But our focus right now is to CHALLENGE every single person out there who is pro-life to prove it. To act on their belief and do something about the fact that almost 50 million humans world-wide have lost their lives in the last 34 years. We did everything we could as a country to stop WWI and WWI. We helped out in Vietnam and Korea, and intercede all over the globe for the sake of justice. Why else would we be so involved currently in world matters - if not for the strong hope that the world may find fairer and more just ways of governing and living?

Ok. So WHY DON'T WE DO SOMETHING BIG to stop abortions? How can we just sit back and let this happen? If you believe that abortion is murder (which it is - I challenge anyone in the world to prove me wrong) then how can we sit at home doing nothing? I'm tired of the spilling of blood. I can't stand the fact that thousands upon thousands of mothers are silently grieving a 'legal' action - as if it has no consequences on their emotional or mental state. We do what we do - perform pro-life dramas for Catholic audiences - because we must DO SOMETHING. We challenge others to put their beliefs into action. "Be not afraid!" the words of John Paul II, and even of Christ Himself, echo and reecho to each of us. Be not afraid to go out into the streets, and bring Christ and His Love to the world.

Pray. Fast. Offer up sacrifices. Pray at the clinics. Counsel at the abortion mills. Speak about it in your home and classroom. Read everything you can get your hands on and find the facts. There are so many great websites and books - try a biology book. Write your own dramas and perform them. Give talks and speeches. Offer assistance to Crisis Pregnancy Centers or Single Mothers Homes. Support these women and men who are so afraid. Pray for them to make the right decisions. Talk to them about what those decisions are. Challenge the school systems and let them know you have a voice. Know who your schools have as speakers and presenters at your children's schools. Love. Forgive. Ask Questions. Demand Answers. Don't be silent. Silence is Acceptance. We have too much work to do.

Next week there is a Walk For Life in San Francisco, CA (January 19) and the March for Life in Washington, DC (January 22). Take a look at their websites: and

... If you can't make it to either of those, check out what is happening in your area. I know almost every big city will have a demonstration, a rally, or a walk of some kind. If not, get your family and friends together and start one yourselves. Have a special Mass and prayer. Contact your diocese and see what is happening.

This past Wednesday we did two more shows in California - a Catholic school in the morning and a Catholic Parish that night. The pro-life voice is getting stronger. Pro-lifers are everywhere. Pray and work hard so these babies and their mothers and fathers may live!

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