Monday, January 14, 2008

Rockin' in Rockford

Ok, so what if Rockfordians get that all the time, I think there was come rockin' going on there.
We returned to Rockford to make up the two shows weather had made impossible to put on the week previous. It was a grey gloomy day, mushy with melty slushy snow (say that five times fast, why dontcha?) when we arrived. The set up was simple and the first show, for the students of St. Edward's Catholic school, went per usual. We had a few hours break before the evening show, so we checked out TAN Books and crossed a few names off of our Christmas shopping list there. Then we went on a quest for an Arts and Crafts store. We were looking for a glass container of some sort, whether square, flat, boxed, or circle or spherical was incidental to our plans. Our handy dandy GPS took us down some very long dark roads that seemed to be leading nowhere, but later rather than sooner we showed up in the mall area of Rkrd. Once there, there is really very little to tell, except that we did find an Arts store and a vase-like glass structure, complete with a lid (that later failed us miserably by breaking most inconveniently in our car after being crushed by one of our enormous suitcases. Silly lid.) We rushed back to the church and started the next show. The audience this time was about 200 kids from the CCD program, coming in from a variety of backgrounds. Most seemed unphased and unaffected by our performance, until the concluding talks. Typically our conclusions run about 10-15 minutes. Mary talked for almost an hour, interacting with the kids and demanding responses from them. Soon everyone was having fun, shouting out answers to her questions and joking with her and each other. By the time the kids filed out, the air was charged with great energy. Hopefully, God will work with what few seeds we were able to sow and grow a beautiful oasis in this troubled world of ours. Rock(ford) on.

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