Thursday, January 31, 2008

March For Life... Media Coverage?

Come Holy Spirit!

Yeah, well... was there any? For a public demonstration which included somewhere around 100,000 people - possibly the largest demonstration Washington D.C. has ever seen? Or what about the Walk for Life is San Francisco? In its very few years, already tens of thousands of people take the time and effort to walk... no journalist, reporter, or story dared to make its way into the public eye. Ironic, isn't it? I did find a story online though, which concluded this way...

"What is sure is that a very large, dedicated and vocal group of people has been trying for 35 years to protect life and to reverse a Supreme Court decision that many Constitutional scholars say is wrong; a decision that has allowed the legal termination of millions of pregnancies. Whether the establishment media talks about the marches or not, it doesn’t seem like these passionate activists will be going away any time soon." -

Yeah. We don't need media or newspapers or news broadcasts. We know the tide is being turned. We know the truth. We have God.

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