Monday, October 15, 2007

Off To A Great Start!

Whew, here we are Monday after our first showcase performance as The Morningstar Players! Our director Kevin flew down from St Louis to run a week of rehearsals. They got pretty intense! One 5 minute scene took almost two hours to get through! On Wednesday, he decided that it would be a great idea to perform in front of an audience on Friday afternoon. Uh oh! So we ran through our plays again and again, straightening out the kinks, identifying the 'moment,' and fixing another detail each time, until finally Friday came!
We set up a little stage area in our office, complete with sound (from a computer!) and lights (from directed desk lamps!). The people filed in a little past three o’clock, and took their seats with expectant chatter. Mary and I stretched and cleared our throats… and off we went!
It was an amazing experience! Working in front of a crowd like that really brought the scenes to life. We taped the rehearsals and the performances for our records and to complete our World Youth Day application. Hopefully we will send that in soon and see what happens!

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