Friday, September 7, 2007

Starting up!

Hi! As we go through the first steps of planning and organizing this new endeavor, we’ve realized that in order to be true missionaries of God’s Word we need His help! So we looked up the patron saint of actors and found St. Genesius. God and His Church have always provided us with special mentors, or patron saints, who experienced life in this world and who can help us reach Heaven by following their example. The expertise of St. Genesius was acting, and under his guidance we hope to live out our faith and bring it into the world!
St Genesius was a Roman actor in the fourth century. As a pagan, he decided that a good way to ingratiate himself with the anti-Christian Emperor Diocletian was to perform a play mocking Christianity. A true actor, Genesius wanted to play his part realistically and so he went in search of Christians to learn the secrets of their rites. Genesius grew fascinated with the idea that baptism washed away sins and gave Eternal Life. The performance arrived and in front of the emperor, Genesius played the part of a sick man calling out for baptism. When the actor-priest asked what the sick man wanted, Genesius asked for baptism. As the waters of mock baptism poured over his head, Genesius was filled with grace and proclaimed his belief in Christ. Diocletian was furious and ordered Genesius tossed into jail. He was tortured to make him take back his words of faith. He refused even through the most brutal of pains and was finally beheaded. He is buried in the Church of St. Susanna, the official representative church of the United States in Rome.
May the example of this courageous martyr inspire us all to use our gifts to express God’s Word! Even if we are not called to give our lives to God through martyrdom, we can give our lives to Him by “acting” out His teachings in our daily lives. Like Genesius, we can do “research” to better “perform” His will by reading books about our faith or about our own patron saints. Do you know the story of the saint you were named after? Or who the patron saints of athletes, artists, singers, or even of TV are? Look it up!

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