Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mission: Possible!


Come Holy Spirit!

The media is the most dominant and influential force in the lives of countless people over the world. So it makes sense, that if we want to reach people, we would use it. Using the powerful venues of music, theater, and film we present 2,000 year old beliefs in forms people relate to today. Entertaining audiences of all ages, we perform two-woman plays with themes that include pro-life, chastity and modesty, as well as direct a fashion show. Our focus is aimed at highschoolers and middleschoolers, who are so often the victims of the onslaught of impurity and the lack of faith that our modern world glorifies. The youth are at the front lines and we look to them as the soldiers for Christ. So, we are young people reaching out to young people, hoping to inspire and challenge others to pick up their cross and follow Christ.

As a theater company, we bring words to life on the stage. As Catholics, we bring Christ, the Word, to life every day through our actions. As a Catholic theater company, we aim to bring the Word to others, both showing them and learning ourselves how to make our faith real and present in our everyday lives.

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