Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Calling All Future Saints of America...

Come Holy Spirit!

Tonight my guardian angel and I made up a game. It's called "The Future Saints of America." The students formed into teams, and I asked Catholic Trivia questions, and the winning team received a bunch of candy and were officially titled the 'future saints of America...'

It's really amazing to be able to travel all over the US and have a glimpse into the lives of young Catholics, and share just a moment in their lives. The Catholic Church is alive and well in the hearts of the young people! I always wish I could be at these classes for longer, to be able to talk to people and hear their stories and how God is working in their lives. My favorite part of the night is when someone comes up to me after a presentation and says how much they love God, how much they learn from being with their youth group, and how they have taken the Faith as their own, and how much it means to them.

It was especially beautiful tonight, on the eve of the Feast of All Saints. Tonight is really such a holy night for the Church, for tomorrow we celebrate all the people who have gone before us and are rejoicing in Heaven forever. We can't let scary halloween festivities get in the way of the holy night. Over 150 kids gave this night for God, and came to Religion Class to hear a talk on angels and saints instead of attending costume parties and going trick-or-treating.

I am realizing more and more how much our Faith is such a gift. The knowledge of God and Catholicism is something we cannot take for granted. If we believe, then we must learn as much as we can about our Faith, that we might be able to know WHAT we believe, WHY we believe it, and then pass this faith and love of God on to others. That's what the job of the future saints of America is: to love God above all things and to do His Will.

Where are the future saints of America? ... Look around. Look in a mirror. YOU! Dear future saint of America! Don't sell yourself short on what the world may offer you. Don't think you can't become a saint. The world is waiting for you, and for your love of God to be shared. Other future saints need your guidance and example. You better believe He is calling you...

Tomorrow (November 1st) is their day. Maybe one day it will be ours, too.

God bless, Mary

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