Monday, March 10, 2008

South Dakota


I really love South Dakota. I really love the people there - their spirituality, their generosity, their faithfulness to God, their love of where they are and what they do. We performed a pro-life show in Wagner for the youth groups of the area on by far the best stage we've ever performed on - sound and lights and tech man and everything. We had a follow-up of some really amazing thought provoking questions too. The Q&A lasted for about 30 minutes. They were great. These are the people who almost banned abortion from their entire state by a vote from the people. Last year the bill lost by only a few percentage points. Imagine if this state could do it? Imagine what a statement to the rest of us? Keep striving, South Dakota! Please! We need your leadership and strength! We need someone among us to step out and hold back this crashing wave. It was a really beautiful experience. The faith is alive and well, I tell you!

We also visited an Indian Reservation while we were there, and got to meet some nuns who's order was founded by St. Katherine Drexel. The average time spent at that convent by these nuns was over 50 years each. One of them was there was St. Katherine Drexel was visiting and made her rolls! It was awesome! These women were models of determination, perseverance, and faith that God will hear their cries and see their work and conversion and faith will be greater. Gosh. They sure had a positive influence on me - to not give up. To not get discouraged. To see God's hand in all things, especially the little things. And to love each other. To really love enough to know that life is worth living, and it is worth living well.

I learned a lot over those few days. And definitely had much to meditate on after I left. Thank you to our family in South Dakota - God is so good for letting us know you, and be inspired by you! God bless, Mary

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