Monday, March 10, 2008

New York Youth Rally


I didn't know airplanes could land in freezing windy scary snow storms. And I forgot that people actually drive in blizzards. And I was shocked when I realized there were going to be over 500 teenagers at the FX Youth Rally in Syracuse. It was awesome! So many young people, so many incredible leaders and talks! I loved it. I really did. It was so amazing to walk into this huge auditorium filled with young Catholics and learn along side them. To know that other youth share my same love for God and faith in His church. The faith is alive and well! Another thing is just how much we actually learned while we were there: mostly, that there is so much to learn. The faith is so deep, so full, so many treasures - there is so much to understand! So much more faith to be had! I loved it.

We performed Rachel at the workshops in the gym, then gave a talk to the ladies about what it means to be a woman, witnessing the power of Christ. We looked back on the examples of the Apostles and the examples of the first women who followed Christ: their faith, their strength, their love, their fidelity. Then we met the Bishop after the youth Mass for his blessing.

So many awesome people, so much beautiful faith! God, please reward their faith! Take us all to Heaven to be Your Saints! We want YOU!

God bless you, you future saint of America... Mary

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