Tuesday, December 18, 2007

To Rockford!

Driving north from St Louis through the plains of Illinois brought us to the beautiful retreat center in Rockford Illinois. As we left the highway and started further out into the county, the roads became rougher, the trees thicker, and the snow whiter. By the time we arrived at the hidden retreat center, we wanted to stay. The lights from the windows lit up the the thick snow covering the entire landscape, including, rather unfortunately, the sidewalk. With just a few close calls, however we made it into our rooms, dropped off the suitcases that you have heard tell of before, and then followed the bright flashing sign somewhat incongruously proclaiming the whereabouts of the Christmas shows. The large room was set up for dinner, and was decorated tastefully with a peaceful nativity scene, and several bright Christmas trees. It only took a few small touches to ready the stage for the night's performance. We had a large group of people that night, enjoying prime rib (which we partook of following the show) and hopefully our show too. The next night had a more family feel, but was also a dinner theater setting. We were able to leave everything set up from the night before, although we did change the program. Originally we performed Who Killed Christmas and Making Room, the story of the innkeeper's wife on the very first Christmas and how she came to eventually find room for the Holy Family in her life. The second night the St Louis cast performed their version of Who Killed Christmas and we performed not only Making Room but also Sarah's Christmas Secret, our pro life drama with a holiday twist. Both nights went well, and we very much enjoyed our time in Rockford! An added surprise to our weekend of events was an invitation to be interviewed on the Catholic Radio Station - which was so fun! They told us we'd be able to get the interview via the website, so check it out at http://www.1440wrok.com/index.php ...

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