Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Brain: All You Need For Christmas

Our first show of our Christmas tour was a night filled with quotable quotes, but one took the cake. We drove from our home base in St Louis to Gerald, Missouri for St Gerald's parish PSR night. The first act, performed by members of the St Louis cast, is called "Who Killed Christmas" and stars Mrs Scrooge, who throughout the course of the play is taught how to keep Christmas alive in her heart. She gets pretty crabby before her metanoia occurs however. The somewhat rowdy kids present in the audience kept up a lively commentary on the action throughout the play. When they were asked at the end what Mrs Scrooge needed to do in order to learn her lesson, one particularly bright child shouted loudly: "Take her brain out and give her a Christmas Brain!" Ah, the wit of youth. Now just to find a reputable brain surgeon...

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