Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Questions

The Edge group had such good questions that we decided to post them. Here are the ones we can remember:
Q: "If a twelve year old girl was raped, what would you say to that?"
A: It is a terrible situation for the girl, a traumatic time for her during which she needs support and a lot of help. She has to know that it is not her fault, and neither is it the baby's fault. Two wrongs don't make a right. Rape is a terrible wrong, but killing the life that is now growing inside of the girl will not make things right. The girl, and her parents or friends who may encourage an abortion, should know that the baby is a new and innocent human life who does not need to die. I have a friend whose mother nearly had an abortion in a similar situation, but decided at the last second to keep her baby. Because of that choice, I now have a beautiful friend who has helped heal her mother from the pain she experienced. Life is beautiful and women who find themselves pregnant either through rape or by a mistake should know that they do have a choice: a choice to keep their baby. They do not need to feel alone or trapped by their circumstances, but feel free to carry to fruition the beautiful life they carry within their bodies.
Q: "What are some examples to prove that the baby is a human? I am writing a paper for school."
A: Well, even the simplest of biology texts can show that the baby is human even when really tiny - from the moment of conception. Each of us started out in the same way - from a human mother and father, with human DNA. We all looked exactly as we were supposed to even when we were just a few weeks old, and we all grew into the people we are now, not into a dog or a cat. Each stage of development is how we are supposed to look at that age. We are never simply a blob of cells, each of those cells has a specific role to play in the growth of every human. You can watch the ultrasounds of babies sucking their thumbs, of moving away from pokes and uncomfortable positions. The baby has her own blood system her whole life. She receives nourishment from the mother's blood, but the mothers blood does not flow in her body. Her heart beats, her brain is alive, her fingerprints are formed. Everything that is necessary for that tiny human to become a big human is present, and simply needs time to develop - just like we all needed time to develop. That doesn't mean unborn humans are any less human - just because they are not fully developed yet. Look it up in your Biology Book: Child/Baby/Fetal Development - it is so amazing! They have pictures and everything!
Q: "How much does an abortion cost?"
A: It differs from clinic to clinic, but typically the price is between 300 and 500 dollars. The price also depends however, on the type of abortificient she chooses to use: surgical, chemical, with pills, etc.
Q: "Do abortion doctors ever try to persuade the mother not to have abortion?"
A: In the clinics where that is their job, the doctors do not. They know that the mother has already made her decision and feel they have no need to provide her with options. Other doctors in hospitals or their own practices might offer alternatives, and there are many pregnancy crisis centers that will talk over the options with any woman willing to listen. Adoption is frequently a road taken. There are some couples who cannot have children, and would love to adopt a baby from a mother who cannot care for her child.
Q: "How common is the post-abortion depression as portrayed in this play?"
A: Very common. There are numerous studies published in this topic. The women actually do feel a loss in their life that they didn't expect would happen following an abortion. In fact, this play was inspired by real stories about women who suffer terribly after having an abortion. Sadly, it is just real life drama put on a stage.
Q: "I heard about a case where a pregnant mother was murdered, and the murderer was charged with killing two people. How is abortion legal if the killing of an unborn child then was called 'murder'?
A: Exactly. The laws are not consistent. In the Scott Peterson case, he was charged with the murder of his unborn child. Also, in cases of vehicular homicide, the death of a pregnant woman counts as two deaths, not one. But if an abortion doctor takes the life of a child, that's legal and he gets paid for it. ... Can anyone explain this one? We sure don't get it.
Q: "Don't abortion doctors feel guilty for what they do?"
A: Some doctors in hospitals are required to perform abortions or they will lose their jobs. They might feel like its OK to do some abortions just to make it through their schooling. They try to convince themselves that it's not so bad. Others leave the hospital to start their own practices or try to find one that does not make them do abortions. Sometimes a doctor who has been doing abortion for a long time will suddenly realize that what he is doing is wrong and stop. (Look up Dr. Bernard Nathanson - he is a former abortionist and has written a couple books on the topic, describing how terrible the procedure is and how traumatic for doctors, nurses, and for the women going through them, a side that is never talked about in public.) You will see ads on TV talking about the quick and easy abortions with happy people, but the reality of abortion is a lot uglier than you would want to imagine.

Q: "If a woman considering an abortion approached you, what would you say to her?"
A: A woman in that situation needs to know she is loved and that she is not alone. She does not need to be condemned or shouted at. You have to understand that she is probably lonely and scared, and most likely feels like she has no other choice. Maybe her boyfriend has left her, or maybe he doesn't know that the baby is a part of him just as much as it is part of her and so also feels like he has no right to choose life. Find out why the woman wants to abort her baby's life. Sometimes it's because she has no money to raise a child. This woman should know that there are lots of places that can help her financially. Crisis pregnancy centers have donors and volunteers who offer safe places for the mother. They can give her baby food and diapers and give the mother all the prenatal care she needs. There are also homes for unwed mothers that will care for both the mother and the baby. There are childless couples who will adopt babies whose mothers cannot care for them. Most of all, though, the woman has to know how beautiful it is that she is able to carry a new life inside of her, something men and even angels cannot do. She is sharing in the creative power of God and no matter how trapped she feels now, the child is filled with love for her and will increase the love she shares with all the people around her. Many women decide against having an abortion later look back and cannot imagine having gone through with it, considering the beauty and joy of the child they now have. - Elizabeth

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