Friday, November 9, 2007



Last week we performed "Rachel: Lost and Found" for Our Lady of Gaudelupe Youth Group in Immokalee Fl. We got there early and started setting up in the church hall. It was not a large place and had only a small stage without a sound system for us to use and no lighting system either... that is, until we brainstormed up a solution! Using our crafty Liberal Arts minds, we looked about and found two house lamps. So far so good. A step in the right directon, but they both lacked one essential ingredient: light bulbs! With a volunteer from the parish, we stole, ahem, borrowed, two bulbs from the restrooms and overcome that obstacle. Where to put them... one occupied a seat in the front row (lucky it!) and the other rested securely on top of a tall cardboard box, complete with an aluminium pan as a shade/light magnifier. The sound system we had a bit more trouble with. We could speak loudly enough, but the whirring fans and echoes from our music gave us a run for our money. We turned the music low enough for our voices to be heard, but then it was so low we couldn't hear any of the cues. So we just went on without them and all was well.
As for the crowd, we expected 40 or so people, but ended up with 75! Yet there were plenty of chairs, and the more ears to hear the message the better!
With so many kids, the game at the end got a bit out of hand during the organization stage, but once we got started, everyone got into it and we all had a great time. There were a few kids who were clearly attentive and others who saw the whole thing as a joke, but if even one soul was touched or one seed planted, then we can count the evening as a success.
God be praised!

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