Friday, July 13, 2007

First Entry!

Welcome to the blog of Mary LaHood and Elizabeth Bauer - the Morning Star Players! We will start posting our exciting adventures as touring actresses for the Faith beginning in September! Please check back often and be sure to leave comments. God bless you all!


loved4eternity said...

My family and I went to the Anaheim family conference in 2007 and Mary Lahood and Mara Ruane put on one of their performances called "Sarah`s Secret" and only one word came to mind... WOW! It had some humor yet it was a serious drama. It showed what its like for a mother to lose her child when she has an abortion, and now her "choice" haunts her of the child she could of had. It was an awesome performance and I recommed you to see this.

jlu1307 said...

Women of faith, thank you for your sharing your Godly gifts, your yes is indeed like Mary, Mother of God. Thank you for trusting in God's will and sending a much needed message. Let me know when you can come to Chicago area. I want to see all of your powerful presentations.

God bless you all!

anonymous said...

I just got home from watching the presentation here in Wagner, SD and I thought it was amazing. I think it is exactly what South Dakotans need to see to persuade our voters toward the direction of passing the bill to make abortion illegal. It is especially good for the male South Dakota voters since they have more of a pro choice opinion because they aren't the ones who have to go through with carrying a baby. South Dakotans definitely need to see presentations like yours to sway the vote to the good side. Thank you very much for coming all the way to this barren wasteland we call South Dakota to present that amazing drama to us.